Monday, April 25, 2011

afterglow from annual SoulCollage® Retreat

This morning as I write this entry, I am basking in the afterglow of Soul ExpressionTM's annual SoulCollage® retreat at Jikoji Zen Center. I am full of gratitude for the women who fully participated and the women who have supported me in my soul expression. Given tasty food, a safe space, YES! paste, images, and time free from worries of taking care of anyone else other than themselves for a weekend - magic happens. All that needs to be expressed, is expressed through pictures of the cosmos, vessels of all sorts, wolves, blooms, gems, human body parts, flying and perched owls, thresholds, oceans, and. . . We all become the "I am the one who" expresses desires, fears, hopes, losses, and potential through the process of SoulCollage®. In our closing ritual, in similar yet different words, we all wished for ourselves and others around the table of our SoulCollage® cards to carry this sacredness with us as return to our practical, daily routines.

As the facilitator and organizer of this special retreat, I am tired today, and also energized by all that was experienced by the courageous participants. All trusting the process; the process of becoming with SoulCollage®. All vowing to remain faithful to who we are becoming. I am full; full of creative energy, visions, and ideas. Also fulfilled by the many perspectives of metaphors and symbols and the company of honest, maturing, wise women.

I am the one who is blessed. . . surrounded by support, being allowed to guide others in SoulCollage®, and to be healed as I open to others through the process of Soul Expression. I am the one who is blessed. . . surrounded by teachers, mentors, and other seekers. I am the one who is in a long lineage of strong creative women; wisdom beyond wisdom.

SoulCollage® cards created this last weekend by donnalynn; my creative process teacher & mentor (Coeleen Kiebert) and my women teachers & mentors (Angie Boissevain, Pema Chodron, Blanche Hartman, Darlene Cohen, and Grace Schireson).