Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspiration & Affirmation: the 50 - 50 Artist Show

You have got to go - go to the 50 - 50 Artist Show III in Pacifica before it closes October 2nd! The show features 68 artists who completed 50 pieces of small art work, in one medium, in 50 days. WOW! Each piece is 6 x 6 inches and mounted all together by 7 across and 7 down with the 50th piece on its side. WOW!

I went last Saturday with a good friend, totally unprepared to see the feast of artwork on the corridor's walls. Oil, photographs, acrylics, folded paper, encaustic, cloth, pen, watercolor, ink, colored pencils, enamel & more as abstracts, collages, realistic drawings - you name it! VERY inspiring and affirming - to see soooooo many different and unique ways for artists to express themselves. Each of them had their own vocabulary - from paintings of skirts to papers in foreign languages, from dog portraits to digital bright spots, from ceramic pieces to cartoon-style drawings . . .

The exhibit is at Sanchez Art Center and is open Friday through Sunday, 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Admission is free and the art is for sale, most of it right off the walls. More information and directions are at the Sanchez Art Center web site. Also on the site is a list of the artists who participated. If I remember correctly, I found out about this show through Janet Jones, an artist in the show, and wonderful collage artist who I admire. Janet's blog has additional information about this special annual exhibit.

Wow! Aside from being affirmed by witnessing so many different ways of expression, I was truly inspired by the small pieces of art. Intrigued to see how they interacted together and how they could stand alone. Inspired to continue with my small little endeavors of Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and SoulCollage®. Also inspired to start a series of 6 x 6 inch collages - practice for next year's show. Wouldn't that be cool to be in this juried exhibit in 2012?!