Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

A sunny, warm day after weeks of overcast skies and being cold is an indicator of a new, fresh spring season for me. Though this year, it feels like we have had a few false starts of spring with an odd winter season of barely any rain. Regardless, to me spring smells like freesias and clematis; sounds like bird song; feels fresh and invigorating; and, tastes like chocolate covered egg candies. I always equate spring with Easter. A "vintage" photograph taken of my younger brother and sister, in their pastel colored clothes with Easter baskets in their hands, posing in the backyard surrounded by blooming iris is the epitome of spring for me.

Yet when it comes to making spring ATCs, something comes over me and I want to create something totally NOT nostalgic or reminiscent of spring or Easter. My favorite spring ATCs were made in 2010 with stickers of yellow Peep's and the series was called "Peep's Perils". Here is one:

Hehehhheeeh. I had so much fun with that series!!! Poor Peep was cast in numerous perilous situations. Hehehhehe. I think how much you giggle as you create an ATC is an indicator on how much fun you are having. So - this year, I went back to giggling... hehhhhe. Every time I cut off a head of an Easter bunny and pasted it onto a new body I giggled, and giggled. The giggle sounded like the same giggle I make when I bite the head off a gingerbread cookie man.

The great looking bunny heads were from a sheet of reproduction vintage German die cut rabbits. The backgrounds and backs were Soul Expression's Featured ATC Products - Spring Designs and Spring Pastel Colors. I pasted magazine images onto the backgrounds, then pasted those on watercolor paper (also sold by Soul Expression), and then pasted the back on. I love thick ATCs! Then I rounded the corners, rubbed the cards edges on Tim Holtz® Crushed Olive  Distress Ink pad, and stamped the back with "Wabbit" and the date, my web address, number and intial. Heehehe... giggle, giggle...

Wishing you a wonderful Easter and spring season 
full of chocolate treats and sunshine! 

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