Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 - Art-Making is Happening (and not)

Monday is "art day" at Chase Studio and I couldn't wait to get out into the studio to play with the little canvases. Ideas are flowing and I want to try new different materials on this series. Oh my! One participant texted me: "hope my head can make it thru this. Stimulation up the yin yang." Once started - I am in the process - engaged in Soul Expression. Committing to this challenge has been very motivating and inspiring for me in many ways!

And - life happens. I didn't make it into the studio yesterday and today only for a couple hours to finish (maybe?) a couple pieces. Then tomorrow I am going away to a New Year writing retreat till Sunday. It will be much fun but I won't be working to complete my 15 pieces. This is exactly how my life is - juggling activities (some planned, some not) around my home & family, and commitments everyday. How to fit art-making into an already busy life?

collage with gesso, glue, watercolor crayon, water-soluble oil pastel, acrylic paint and a dye stain

When I realized that I would be away on retreat, I thought that I might plan the 15-day challenge around it. Perhaps the challenge could start the Monday I returned? Then I looked at my calendar and saw that I had several full days of commitments the following week, then the next week looked even busier because . . . That is exactly how life can be, at least for me. I have not yet made my art-making the most important priority of my life, and life happens. So - the challenge has begun and I am fully in it! Are you? What is coming up for you?

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