Sunday, September 23, 2012

50-50 Exhibit - Only One More Week

Gosh. I cannot believe it was one year ago when I first visited Sanchez Art Center to see their 3rd Annual 50-50 Exhibit!!! In fact, I aspired last year to be in the show this year -- and I am; soon to be I was. The 6"x6" artwork of almost 70 artists come off the walls next Sunday, September 30, at closing time. The center's gallery is open on Friday through Sunday, from 1 - 5pm. GO! If you haven't already been!

The process of creating 50 pieces of art in 50 days was truly amazing with many, many lessons-learned. The most significant ones that come to my mind just now are: 1) how important an intention is, 2) trust the creative process, and 3) a dead-line can be very motivating.

These three pieces are from my 50-50 series, Pilgrims' Journey; Sacred Places, Prayers and  Devotional Tokens. In this body of artwork I have intentionally juxtaposed different cultures and traditions on each collage, hoping to achieve a balanced kaleidoscope-type composition. To invoke a sense of age, all of the sacred place images and tokens are in black and white, and the majority of them from vintage (over twenty plus years old) books and other sources.

Each collage is composed of a sacred place, devotional token, bird/s, map and sacred text. As I created each collage, I felt like I was tending to my altar by arranging specific iconic items representing what I want to remember, or conversely, what I don't want to forget.

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