Thursday, January 3, 2013

HNY! and Happy Art-Making!

Soul Expression launched its 2nd annual New Year 15-day Art-Making Challenge - without much fanfare... yet we have more participants than the first year. YEAH! Because this challenge is about making time to do your art - not about failing or winning. YEAH! to all of you who are committed to this challenge, who thought about the challenge (it is not too late to join), and who are following this challenge.

Last year, I started strongly and ended up with 16 collages which I have sold throughout the year. The challenge was also a "trial" to see if I wanted to participate in the 50-50 Exhibition; which I did. It was an invigorating 15 days!!!

Uh -- this new year, I have spent more time on the backroom couch, in bed, or sitting over a 1,000 piece puzzle with a miserable cold-bug than in my studio. How shameful - the instigator of this challenge behind schedule!?!?! Well - guess what - that is life - and now that I am feeling better (good enough to write here) - I will be off into the studio to do what I can/want today.

Being an artist is about doing art - and it is important to be acknowledge what our difficulties or hindrances are, like starting a project, not feeling well, not finishing what is started, next step, interruptions, etc. It is important to know what gets in our way, what keeps us going and ALL of that kind of stuff - since this is life. And - the only way to learn about being an artist is to do art.

So, please tell me either here in a post to this blog, email, facebook, or phone call -
tell me:
How has it been for you?
Are you making art this new year?
Are you having fun? or what?
What is your intention?

To read about last year's challenge go to:

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